DBMail 2.3.4 released

Friday, November 14. 2008

It is with great pleasure that I'm announcing the availability of DBMail version 2.3.4, the latest in the 'unstable' development series.

The main focus of this release has been stability. I hope and expect this version to mark the final milestone before 2.4.0.

Special thanks to Jonathan Feally who's help in fixing bugs and adding features was invaluable.

The only new feature that deserves special attention is the new fine-grained logging mechanism written by Jon.

Also, IMAP-IDLE works again without any problems.



happy testing

DBMail 2.2.11 second release candidate

Tuesday, October 7. 2008

I've finally been able to get back into the rhythm. The buildup towards 2.4 is progressing nicely, and I held a small bug-squasher for 2.2.

So here it is: dbmail-2.2.11 second release candidate; way overdue - sorry about that.

Things changed since 2.2.10

  • 0000731: [Documentation] Missing documentation of database layer logging control (paul)
  • 0000723: [Database layer] simultaneous mailbox creation (paul)
  • 0000709: [Database layer] Some sql optimizations (paul)
  • 0000725: [IMAP daemon] Fix Thunderbird and ACL shared folders (paul)
  • 0000721: [Authentication layer] mail quota in ldap not used during delivery (paul)
  • 0000698: [IMAP daemon] PostgreSQL 8.3.1 can't execute query (paul)
  • 0000712: [General] traces to stderr may cause core dumps if hostname >=16 (paul)
  • 0000710: [IMAP daemon] eliminate annoying "[Illegal seek] on read-stream" message from imap4d
  • 0000704: [IMAP daemon] IMAP TEXT searches stop at headers
  • 0000670: [IMAP daemon] IMAP TEXT searches only seem to search headers (paul)

DBMail 2.3.3 released

Monday, June 2. 2008

DBMail just received a huge performance boost: version 2.3.3 released today features a shiny new networking/database core.

The new shared database connection pool drastically reduces the number of database connections (and backend network sockets) required to serve large amounts of concurrent frontend users.

The frontend itself, meanwhile, has been rewritten as an asynchronous event-driven process.

Combined, these changes provide solid fundamentals for a future 2.4.x release series focused on performance and scalability.

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