DBMail 2.3.6 released

I've just released dbmail 2.3.6, the latest development release.

There are still some rough edges in the packaging and documentation, but otherwise the code is approaching productionlevel quality.

New features in this release:

Single-instance header storage

The header caching tables used since 2.2 have been replaced with a new schema, optimized for a much smaller storage footprint, and therefor faster access. Headers are now cached using a single-instance storage pattern, similar to the one used for the message parts. This change also introduces for the first time the appearance of views in the database, which is somewhat experimental because of some uncertainties with regard to the possible performance impact this may have.

Authentication logging

A new table was added to the schema to log a couple of key metrics for users connecting to one of the daemons.

Storage migration

dbmail-util now supports migrating your old content into the single-instance storage.

Of course, a number of bugs have also been fixed along the way:

  • 0000689: [Command-Line programs (dbmail-users, dbmail-util)] dbmail-exports fails with File size limit exceeded (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000775: [PIPE delivery (dbmail-smtp/dbmail-deliver)] Issue with multiple inline attachments (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000783: [General] Boundary missing in message construction (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000681: [General] message reconstruction fails on message (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000774: [IMAP daemon] SQLException using dbmail-imapd - resolved.
  • 0000766: [POP3 daemon] dbmail-pop3d crash (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000754: [General] single instance storage for headervalues (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000760: [LMTP daemon] DNS Regresion in 2.3.5 (netvulture) - resolved.
  • 0000743: [LMTP daemon] Memory leak in lmtpd (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000755: [POP3 daemon] POP3D crash when fetchmail tries to connect (paul) - resolved.
  • 0000720: [Command-Line programs (dbmail-users, dbmail-util)] Missing operations on dbmail-util (paul) - resolved.




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