DBMail 2.2.11 second release candidate

I've finally been able to get back into the rhythm. The buildup towards 2.4 is progressing nicely, and I held a small bug-squasher for 2.2.

So here it is: dbmail-2.2.11 second release candidate; way overdue - sorry about that.

Things changed since 2.2.10

  • 0000731: [Documentation] Missing documentation of database layer logging control (paul)
  • 0000723: [Database layer] simultaneous mailbox creation (paul)
  • 0000709: [Database layer] Some sql optimizations (paul)
  • 0000725: [IMAP daemon] Fix Thunderbird and ACL shared folders (paul)
  • 0000721: [Authentication layer] mail quota in ldap not used during delivery (paul)
  • 0000698: [IMAP daemon] PostgreSQL 8.3.1 can't execute query (paul)
  • 0000712: [General] traces to stderr may cause core dumps if hostname >=16 (paul)
  • 0000710: [IMAP daemon] eliminate annoying "[Illegal seek] on read-stream" message from imap4d
  • 0000704: [IMAP daemon] IMAP TEXT searches stop at headers
  • 0000670: [IMAP daemon] IMAP TEXT searches only seem to search headers (paul)


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