Pruning the dbmail_headervalue table

In DBMail 2.2 the dbmail_headervalue table will contain all header-values for all messages in store. Even for medium-sized installations this can easily result in a very large table.

However, since that table is just about only used for IMAP search you might consider dropping a couple of headernames from the cache.

For example:

DELETE FROM dbmail_headername WHERE headername = 'received';
will delete from dbmail_headervalue all entries regarding the Received header.

To determine which headernames should be dropped you could use a view like this:

CREATE VIEW header_count AS 
    SELECT count(1) AS count,, n.headername 
    FROM dbmail_headervalue v 
    LEFT JOIN dbmail_headername n ON 

After that you can do:

SELECT * FROM header_count ORDER BY count; 
and delete all headernames from dbmail_headername for those headers you deem unlikely to ever be used in IMAP search.
DELETE FROM dbmail_headername WHERE headername = 'Received';

Doing this for a couple of the most prolific - but un-used headers - will drastically reduce the size of the dbmail_headervalue tables. But remember you will have to keep an eye on the header_count, and re-issue the delete queries on a regular basis.


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